Linen "Dark Cobblestone" by Zweigart

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Dark Cobblestone is a pretty gray-brown color. On 40 count, it is a little more brown in tone, similar to a blend of DMC 07 and 08 (first photo) and on 36 count, it is more gray, similar to a color between DMC 04 and 07 (second photo). The darkness of the fabric should make floss colors pop, but the gray tone will keep them from looking garish.

Fabric: linen (not hand-dyed), Zweigart base.
Approximate Dimensions:
Fat Quarter: 18 x 27 inches
Fat Half: 36 x 27 inches

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If you order a quantity great than 1, each item will come as a separate cut of fabric, not continuous yardage.

Fabric is photographed in indirect natural daylight. It may have a different appearance when viewed in artificial light (usually more yellow in tone). Every effort has been made to photograph the fabric accurately; however, the color may not be exact due to differences in screen displays. Fabric is not serged around the edges.

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