Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAP)

Dear Shop Owners,

I hope you are well and that your businesses are flourishing! I’m committed to keeping the cross stitch industry thriving and I want to support you in your endeavors to make your businesses prosperous and profitable.

I am also dedicated to my design work, and it is important to me that it (along with all the other amazing work in our industry) be valued appropriately. I thank you, because I know that as a shop that carries Luminous Fiber Arts, you value my work.

To maintain the integrity of Luminous Fiber Arts designs, a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) went into effect on Monday, March 1, 2021 for all resellers of my cross stitch patterns. The purpose of this policy is to support you and your long-term profitability as shops, the continued growth of the cross stitch industry, and the value of Luminous Fiber Arts designs. I have no desire to dictate to you how to run your business, but I do want to ensure that all of my vendors have sustainable business practices by allowing for a reasonable profit margin.

The MAP policy is in effect on all Luminous Fiber Arts patterns under the following guidelines:

  1. Updated 5/13/22: For a period of 120 days (four months) after a pattern is first advertised as being available to order wholesale from Luminous Fiber Arts, resellers may not advertise a price lower than 5 cents below keystone pricing (2 times the wholesale price). For example, a wholesale pattern price of $5 would require a MAP of at least $9.95.
  2. Prices below the MAP cannot be advertised in any medium, including print, internet, email, etc.
  3. Luminous Fiber Arts reserves the right to sell its own designs directly to consumers at MAP pricing, consistent with this policy.
  4. Luminous Fiber Arts reserves the right not to sell to any reseller found to be in violation of this policy and will not be held responsible for enforcement of this policy or lack thereof.

Thank you so much for your continued support! I appreciate you and I look forward to working with you for many years to come!


Misty Pursel